Wild Flowers of the Central Namib

From the series of Antje Burke, this is a special guide to wild flowers of the Central Namib.
Burke, Antje
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Book title: Wild Flowers of the Central Namib
Author: Antje Burke
Publisher: Namibia Scientific Society
3rd edition. Windhoek, Namibia 2009
ISBN 99916-40-46-0 / ISBN 9789991640464
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 112 pages, numerous colour photos and illustrations


Like desert regions elsewhere in the world, wild flowers in the central Namib show interesting adaptations to cope with extremely limited water and nutrient supplies. Animals - large and small - depend on these plant resources, as well as people who have utilised many desert plants for generations.

This book shares some of the interesting information that Antje Burke has collected over the years and shall serves as an easy guide to identifying a number of the most conspicuous plants in the central Namib. A separate guide on wild flowers of the Southern and Northern Namib is also available in this series, and although many species occur in both areas, it has, as far as possible, been avoided repeating species in this guide.

This book includes some striking, easily identifiable components of the vegetation, but also several plants that may only occur after very good rains. The interaction of desert plants with their environment and other creatures is a fascinating topic. While primarily designed as a guide to the central Namib plant life, this book comes from an ecologist's perspective and also describes many of these unique adaptations and interactions.

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