Wild flowers of the Central Highlands

This photographic guide illustrates more than 70 characteristic wild flowers of the Namibian Central Highlands.
Burke, Antje
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Book title: Wild flowers of the Central Highlands
Author: Antje Burke
Namibia Scientific Society
Windhoek, Namibia 2007
ISBN 978-99916-40-68-6 Namibia
ISBN 978-3-936858-96-9 Germany
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 120 pages, numerous colour photos


Savanna, with a touch of succulent karoo and fynbos flavour characterises the plant life of the central highlands, one of the most diverse areas in Namibia. To some extent a lot of botanical work around the capital has contributed to the knowledge about the area’s diversity, whereas other areas are less well known. Well over 500 plant species have been recorded around Windhoek – some 12% of this vast country’s plant life.

The newly published field guide Wild flowers of the central highlands illustrates over 70 characteristic plant species on 120 pages, using colour photos and sketches. Emphasis is placed on the most common plants and interesting facts about the plants, their environment, conservation status and uses, as well as the ecology of the area. All this makes the skilfully compiled book essential reading for those with an interest in nature.


Environment and habitats
Plant diversity and endemism
Threats and environmental management
How to use this guide
Key to the groups of plants

Group 1: Trees
Group 2: Shrubs
Group 3: Stem and leaf succulents
Group 4: Bulbs
Group 5: Herbs
Group 6: Multi-Seasonals
Group 7: Grasses and sedges