Safari. Journeys through Wild Africa

This splendid safari book takes you on journeys through wild and into unique ecosystems of Africa.
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Book title: Safari. Journeys through Wild Africa
Authors: Adrian Bailey; Robyn Keene-Young
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2006
ISBN: 978-177007-394-4
Hardcover, dustjacket, 26x32 cm, 224 pages, throughout colour photos


After too many gung-ho rangers, sweaty tourists and Big Five safaris in noisy 4x4s, Adrian Bailey and Robyn Keene-Young decided it was time to see what else the African wild had to offer.

Based on their African Ecosystems series in Getaway magazine, Safari Journeys through Wild Africa chronicles their journey from the Serengeti grasslands through the continent’s diverse biomes.

The couple traipse the Bwindi rainforest in search of gorillas, snorkel the Okavango Delta and canoe the Zambezi River at the mercy of crocodiles, get on their bellies with the beetles and lizards of the Namib Desert, then stop to smell the fynbos on Cape Town’s famous mountain.

Written in a personal style, each chapter records Getting There and Being There. The former showcases the delights and trials of travel to the destination, while Being There celebrates their time spent in each unique ecosystem.


[…] Windhoek quickly disappeared from view, swallowed up by the hills surrounding it. Below us stretched a bare, faded landscape in mottled shades of pale green and brown, peppered with scrub.

Dark bushes outlined the long-dry meanderings of fickle rivers. The occasional dwelling looked fragile, tenuous and a long drive from everywhere, on blinding-white tracks. How did those rugged sheep and cattle farmers manage? […]

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