Namibia under South African Rule

Namibia under South African Rule is about the clashes and stresses which resulted from the determined efforts at containment during 1915-1946.
Hayes, Patricia; Silvester, Jeremy; Wallace, Marion; Hartmann, Wolfram
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Title: Namibia under South African Rule
Subtitle: Mobility & Containmnet 1915-46
Authors: Patricia Hayes; Jeremy Silvester; Marion Wallace; Wolfram Hartmann
Publisher: Out of Africa Publishers; Ohio University Press;
Windhoek, Namibia 1998
ISBN 9991620990 / ISBN 99916-2-099-0
ISBN 0852557477 / ISBN 0-85255-747-7
ISBN 0821412450 / ISBN 0-8214-1245-0
Original Softcover, 15 x 23 cm, 330 pages, some bw-photos


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Description: Namibia under South African Rule

The peoples of Namibia have been on the move throughout history. The South Africans took over from the Germans in 1915 in trying to fit them into a colonial landscape. This book is about the clashes and stresses which resulted from the determined efforts at containment during the first three decades of South African colonial rule. Namibian history is notoriously under-researched. Much important work has been done in recent years in doctoral and other theses but very little of this has been published. The first three decades of South African rule have been especially neglected. The book is then much to be welcomed. In particular it explores many new themes in twentieth-century Namibian history. The introduction is the most important part of the volume; it comments most interestingly on a number of key themes. The book as a whole carries Namibian history into new areas of sophistication. It is undoubtedly a major contribution to Namibian historiography.

Content: Namibia under South African Rule

List of Maps, Photographs, Tables & Appendices
Notes on contributors
'Trees Never Meet': Mobility & Containment: An Overview 1915-1946
Construction of People
Construction of the State
Vagrancy, Law & 'Shadow Knowledge'
Internal Pacification 1915-1939
'A Person is Never Angry for Nothing'
Women, VD & Windhoek
Beasts, Boundaries & Buildings
The Survival & Creation of Pastoral Economies in Southern Namibia 1915-1935
The 'Famine of the Dams'
Gender, Labour & Politics in Colonial Ovamboland 1929-1930
The Reserves
Contesting Containment
'We have been Captives Long Enough. We Want to be Free'
Land, Uniforms & Politics in the History of Herero in the Interwar Period
Power & Trade
In Precolonial & Early Colonial Northern Kaokoland 1860s-1940s
'We Live in a Manga'
Constraint, Resistance & Transformation on a Native Reserve
Beyond the Police Zone
Migration in Ovamboland
The Oshigambo & Elim Parishes 1925-1935
Generational Struggles & Social Mobility
In Western Ovambo Communities 1915-1954
Iipumbu ya Tshilongo & the Ambiguities of Resistance in Ovambo
The Moveable Frontier
The Namibia-Angola Boundary Demarcation 1926-1928