My First Book of Namibian Snakes

My First Book of Namibian Snakes features 46 snake species found in Namibia with over 240 photographs.
Theart, Francois; Buys, P. J. C.
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Title: My First Book of Namibian Snakes
Authors: Francois Theart; Christo Buys
Wordweaver Publishing House CC
Windhoek, Namibia 2021
ISBN 9789994582235 / ISBN 978-99945-82-23-5
Softcover, 23 x 23 cm, 76 pages, throughout colour photographs

About: My First Book of Namibian Snakes

Snakes have always held an eery fascination for us. Maybe it’s the way in which they move, or how they catch their prey. Yet, they are not all dangerous, nor are they aggressive. In fact, snakes have a very useful role to play in the environment. My First Book of Namibian Snakes introduces everyone interested in nature to Namibia’s diverse and interesting snakes, from the deadly mamba to the enormous python, or the wriggling sidewinder and the egg-eater. It is intended to help children and interested adults, for that matter, to better understand these creatures by facilitating identification by means of a wide range of photographs and providing information on the various species in a manner that is easy to understand. My First Book of Namibian Snakes features 46 snake species found in Namibia with over 240 photographs and a wide variety of information on each species, and some information on snakebite is also included. Francois Theart is an environmentalist and field researcher who specializes in snake ecology and human-snake conflict. He has 15 years experience in dealing with snakes in a wide variety of settings throughout Namibia. Christo Buys is a medical practitioner with 47 years' experience in treating snakebite victims. He developed the Namibian national guidelines on snakebite management and founded the Namibia Snakebite Interest Group.

Content: My First Book of Namibian Snakes

Characteristics and Habits of Snakes

Puff Adder
Horned Adder
Many-horned Adder
Desert Mountain Adder
Namib Dune Adder
Namaqua Dwarf Adder
Cobras and their relatives
Anchieta's Cobra
Cape Cobra
Zebra Spitting Cobra
Black Spitting Cobra
Mozambique Spitting Cobra
Speckled Shield-nose Snake
Kunene Coral Snake
Cape Coral Snake
Black Mamba
Burrowing snakes
Bibron's Stiletto Snake
Twin-striped Shovel-snout
Peter's Beaked Blind Snake
Thread Snakes
Rear-fanged snakes and their relatives
Oates' Twig Snake
Spotted Bush Snake
Sand Snakes
Tiger Snakes
Common File Snake
Western Keeled Snake
Southern African Python
Anchieta's Dwarf Python
Brown House Snake
Mole Snake
Other snakes
Common Wolf Snake
Rhombic Egg-eater