The Campsite Companion. Camping in South Africa

The Campsite Companion makes the idea of camping, adapted to South African conditions, accessible and fun.
Beattie, Rob
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Book title: The Campsite Companion
Author: Rob Beattie
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2007
ISBN: 9781770075009
Softcover, 17x22 cm, 144 pages, throughout illustrated


A beautiful country like South Africa offers a host of different possibilities for lovers of camping and hiking. The Campsite Companion is the book all camping enthusiasts and wannabe campers have been searching for.

It is a complete guide to preparing for a camping trip, what to do when you get there, and how to make sure all you leave behind are your footprints. The Campsite Companion is packed with useful and practical information with a focus on making camping accessible and fun for all ages.

It includes equipment checklists, tips on making fires, first-aid and safety tips, and a range of delicious outdoor recipes. There are also tips on family camping throughout, with handy hints for parents on how to get kids involved and make sure they get the most out of their camping experience.


How to get started: from finding the right site to packing gear.

Living in the outdoors: making sense of maps, weather, lighting a fire and more.

Family, group and solo camping: how to be safe and have fun, no matter whos tagging along.

Campsite cuisine: the challenge of cooking outdoors and several delicious campfire recipes to try out.