Mandela. A Life

Mandela: A Life ist the story a man who is associated with the human capacity for suffering and of victory over adversity.
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Title: Mandela. A Life
Authors: Adrian Hadland; Sean Fraser
Type: Regional Travel Guide
Imprint: Sunbird Publishers
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Johannesburg, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781919938608 / ISBN 978-1-919938-60-8
Hardcover, 22x28 cm, 96 pages, 100 b/w and colour photos


Few Politicians in the history of the world have attracted such widespread veneration as is bestowed on the figure of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. This is all the more remarkable in an age when technology and the ever-present media ensure hardly a breath is taken by an international figure that is not instantly captured and commented on. But, in spite of the attention of the world since he walked free from prison on 11.02.1990 and the rigours of accepting the presidency of what was one of the globe's most divided nations, Mandela's reputation remains as impressive as it is unsullied. Mandela has become synonymous with the triumph of the human spirit.

His name will forever speak of his capacity for suffering, of victory over adversity, of patience, forgiveness and a steadfast, iron-clad conviction that principles will always endure. As he told the Old Synagogue Court in 1962 while facing charges of leaving the country illegally, 'To men, freedom in their own land is the pinnacle of their ambitions, from which nothing can turn men of conviction aside.' The qualities of character, courage, humility and compassion that are personified in Mandela have granted him an authentic, contemporary moral authority. Nelson Mandela is, in the words of his official biographer Anthony Sampson, 'a universal hero'.