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Life on a Cape farm

Life on a Cape farm

Life on a Cape farm is an inspiring country cookbook and introduces to all day's life at Bartholomeus Klip farm in South Africa.

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Title: Life on a Cape farm
Subtitle: Country cooking at its best
Author: Lesley Gillett; Louise Gillett
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Lifestyle
Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781431702473 / ISBN 978-1-4317-0247-3
Softcover, 23 x 23 cm, 192 pages, throughout colour photos


This wonderful cookbook Life on a Cape Farm is full of delicious meals and inspiring food and venue photography, and also a journey into the daily activities at Bartholomeus Klip, a working wheat and sheep farm. Living on a farm means an early start to the day. With the fish eagles calling over the dam and the guinea fowl coming down from their roosts, it is nature's choir and we feel privileged to be in the audience. The day starts at a leisurely pace with the sounds of tractors starting up and the farm workers chattering in the yard. The old farm shutters block out all light and you wake up not knowing what time of day it is, but the smells from the kitchen and the aroma of fresh coffee soon tell you it is morning.

From the Victorian homestead with its wrap-around stoep and views of the farm and private nature reserve, you can watch sheep dogs working with the flock of over 3000 merino sheep. Bartholomeus Klip Farmhouse and Wild Olive House, which offers self-catering accommodation for families, are situated on Elandsberg Farms, a working wheat and sheep farm, which was bought by the Parker family in 1936. Guests from all over the world come to experience farm living and to take in the relaxing atmosphere and breathtaking views, while being looked after by a family of dedicated staff, who are proud of their home and heritage.

Content: Life on a Cape farm

Our thanks
Foreword by Judy Badenhorst
Twins in the country
Way back when
Elandsberg Nature Reserve
Bartholomeus Klip
Farmhouse Brunch
Tea on the Farm
Snacks, Drinks and Game Drives
Family Feasts
Dinner in the Conservatory
Biscuits, Breads and Jams
Local Pantry
Conversion table

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