Kirstenbosch: The most beautiful garden in Africa

Finely crafted text and lavishly illustrated with photographs and artworks tells history of Kirstenbosch, the most beautiful garden in Africa.
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Title: Kirstenbosch
Subtitle: The most beautiful garden in Africa
Author: Brian J. Huntley
Randomhouse Struik, Cape Town 2012
Imprint: Nature
ISBN 9781431701179 / ISBN 978-1-4317-0117-9
Hardcover, dustjacket, 24 x 27 cm, 240 pages, throughout colour photos

Decription: Kirstenbosch: The most beautiful garden in Africa

Kirstenbosch is South Africa's flagship botanical garden. Despite its international fame and local popularity, there has not been a comprehensive account of its history and progress. The approach of the Garden's centenary in 2013 signalled the need for a fresh account of the Kirstenbosch story. For a century, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden has served as the principal lens through which the world has viewed - and marvelled at - the incredible botanical riches of southern Africa. This elegantly written and sumptuously illustrated book reflects the positive and innovative spirit that prevails in this extraordinarily interesting country. Kirstenbosch has long presented the stunning natural beauty of the nation in a magnificent setting. The history of Kirstenbosch, of botany and of botanical gardens in South Africa covers a period of several centuries. Many remarkable individuals have contributed to this history, and, where helpful, their dates of birth and death are indicated to provide points of reference within the extended period covered by this narrative about the crown jewel of South Africa's impressive system of National Botanical Gardens.

Content: Kirstenbosch: The most beautiful garden in Africa

Introduction: The Kirstenbosch story
'This is the place': Harold Pearson and the founding of Kirstenbosch
Developing the Garden: Progress from concept to reality
The Cape Floral Kingdom: The world's hottest 'hot spot' of botanical diversity
The plant hunters: Discovering and documenting the diversity of life
New directions in a changing South Africa: The National Botanical Institute years
Conservation through cultivation: An integrated approach
Come smell the flowers: Inspiration and education
Conservation science: Understanding the workings of nature
From poverty to prosperity: Achieving financial sustainability
A network of National Botanical Gardens Rolling out the dream
A Garden for all seasons: Gardens within the Garden