Katutura is a collection of the best cultural songs of the choir Bridge Walkers from Namibia.
Bridge Walkers
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Choir: Bridge Walkers
Namibia, 2004
Audio CD

About the Bridge Walkers:

The Bridge Walker’s Choir was founded in 1992 as a Lutheran Church Youth Group to visit Germany on a youth exchange programme. The Bridge Walker’s choir sing gospel and traditional Namibian songs, especially in the Damara/Nama or Khoe-Khoe language and the click sounds of these languages usually fascinates the audiences.

Lyrics of their songs are based on everyday life of Namibians and themes include songs for the rain, for fire, for summer holidays, struggle and songs about life in Katutura.

Songs on the CD Katutura:

It’s alright
Sida ge ra tsoa-tsoa - We are starting now
Welcome to Africa
//Kha-//Khasen re - Lets develop our township
Welcome to Katutura
Katutura, our place
/Awi ge ra - It is raining in Namibia!
Isa !hu - Beautiful Namibia
Mai #uis - Summer holiday are here again
/Aes - Let us make a fire
!Gû ta ra - I am going away to learn new things
Seven stars - Seven Gospel songs in one
Jesu wa kanaka - Traditional South African
Sikelela - Traditional South African
Ausie - A glass of my aunt’s home brew
//Goema/ure - Beware of sleeping around
tKhiba - I need peace
Mase Dabakha? - Mother when is father coming?