Karbonaatjieskraal. A Climber’s Guide

Karbonaatjieskraal: a climber’s guide offers detailed approach routes with rappelled anchors and route descriptions, and high quality topos.
Lourens, Tony
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Title: Karbonaatjieskraal
Subtitle: A Climber’s Guide
Author: Tony Lourens
Publisher: Blue Mountain Design & Publishing
Montagu, South Africa 2022
ISBN 9780639718897 / ISBN 978-0-6397-1889-7
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 36 pages, throughout colour photo

About: Karbonaatjieskraal. A Climber’s Guide

Karbonaatjieskraal is a wonderful and unique climbing area tucked away in the rolling hills of the Karoo, near the foothills of the eastern side of the Hexriver Mountains. Tucked away, because it very literally is. The huge majestic walls can not be seeing ordinarily from anywhere untill you are practically upon them. Besides the Main Amphitheatre, which is nigh on 100 metres tall, there are many other walls and crags of varying height and steepness. For shorter routes, the Princess Di Wall offers some really good routes of mild to mid range grades, as do the routes in Gaper Kloof. Karbonaatjieskraal: A Climber’s Guide offers detailed approach routes with rappelled anchors and route descriptions, and high quality topos.

Content: Karbonaatjieskraal. A Climber’s Guide

How to get there
Weather and best time to visit
The Rock and the climbing
Other activities

The Eastern Spur
Gaper Kloof Prow
Davies Bros Sector
Main Amphitheatre
The Junction
Pancake Wall
Princess Di Wall
Overall Photo map
The Eastern Spur
Far North Edges
Pete's Eats
East End
Main Wall
Eagle's Eye
There We Were
Poised on the Brink
Drooling Dogs
Samson's Route
No Can Do Bolts Wall
Debottling Bolts
No Can Do Bolts
Easy Corner
Gaper Kloof Prow
Delightful Dog
Puppy Dog
Deon's Dog Eye
Dog's Delight
Davies Bros Sector
The Gem
Rudd's Route
Crystal Arete
Main Amphitheatre
Crock Dog
Rock Dog
Top Dog
Roaring Old Bull
Bransby/Samson Route
Divine Dog
Rasta Rock
The Junction
Dinkum Dog
Bitches Brew
I Suppose a Rock's Out of the Question?
Let's Get Rocked
Rap Dog
Pancake Wall
Bivvering Bitch
Cranking Old Bulls
Dope Dog
West Spur Ridge
Princess Di Wall
Left Sector
The Eagle Soars
Cain and Abel
Eric the 1/2 a Bee
Squire Maguire
Right Sector
Pinnacle Face
Princess Di
Chariots of Fire