Joy Adamson: A long safari from Opava to Keyna

A modern biography of famous natural scientist, painter and writer Joy Adamson who, descending from the Silesian town Opava, the Troppau, made it to Kenya in a life-long personal safari.
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Title: Joy Adamson
Subtitle: A long safari from Opava to Keyna
Author: Zuzana Beranova
Publisher: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Czech Republic, Prag 2008
ISBN 9788025435892 / ISBN 978-80-254-3589-2
Hardcover, 15 x 21 cm, 239 pages, numerous b/w and colour photos

Description: Joy Adamson: A long safari from Opava to Keyna

It might seem strange or even absurd to present a new biography of a person like Joy Adamson, a legend in the conservation of nature in Africa. However, the book by the Czech author Zuzana Beranovd is really very interesting. It presents Joy Adamson in the context of her family and the environment from which she came. She was born in 1910 in Troppau (today: Opava) in Silesia as a citizen of the Austro-Hungarian Empire into the family of a German-speaking businessman. Opava is the centre of a region where German, Czech and Polish influences have intermingled since time immemorial. Joy was not even ten years old when the Opava region became part of the new Czechoslovak Republic and she suddenly became a member of the German minority in that country. What was the influence of her Opavian roots, family and the changes that occurred in Central Europe in the first half of the 20th century on Joy's personality and attitudes? None of the biographies about Joy Adamson have so far considered this aspect.