Journey through north-western Namibia

Journey through north-western Namibia is a photo companion to the attractions of the Kunene and Damaraland regions.
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Title: Journey through north-western Namibia
Subtitle: A photo companion to the attractions of the Kunene and Damaraland regions
Author: Sakkie Rothmann
Publisher: ST Promotions
Swakopmund, Namibia 2003
Softcover, 21 x 30 cm, 128 pages, 943 colour photos, 19 maps and charts


Good. Few traces of usage on the cover. Inside clean and fresh.

About: Journey through north-western Namibia:

This is a unique book on the natural and environmental history of north-western Namibia, loaded with beautiful colour photos and descriptions, as they are typical for expert Sakkie Rothmann. Where large bodies of water flowed over the African continent centuries ago and spread out over the valleys and plains of south-western Africa it became of interest to a lot of people. In fact it became centuries ago the abode of large nations, all of which emigrated from Central East Africa in waves, first in a westerly direction and then on finding the wide streams of water and valleys of sweet grass finally turning in a southerly direction. This part of the Africa where some of these emigrating nations settled is today Angola and northern Namibia. This region is still blessed with an abundance of water - if it rains. Rivers and tributaries of the Kunene, Kavango, Kwando and Zambezi rivers starting as small springs in the highlands of Angola are still feeding the rocky gorges, sandy plains and valleys of northern Namibia and central Botswana.

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