Helen Suzman: Bright Star in a Dark Chamber

Helen Suzman: Bright Star in a Dark Chamber is an admirable and affectionate portrait of a remarkable woman.
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Title: Helen Suzman
Subtitle: Bright Star in a Dark Chamber
Author: Robin Renwick
Genre: Biography
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9781868426102 / ISBN 978-1-86842-610-2
Hardcover, dustjacket, 16 x 24 cm, 148 pages, several photos


With the unique vantage point of having known Helen Suzman both as a British ambassador and as a personal friend, author Robin Renwick adds depth to the growing store of biographical literature about this doughty champion of the oppressed. Helen Suzman was swimming against the tide and cared passionately about South Africa's international position and reputation, reflecting her profound conviction that self-inflicted isolation could lead only to political and economic disaster. She constantly was accused of being 'unpatriotic', though no one who knew her could think of any more ludicrous charge. Accused of asking questions to embarrass South Africa abroad, she declared: 'It is not my questions that embarrass South Africa: it is your answers!' This biography is a story of sheer political grit, courage and conviction, proving that even in the darkest hour there remain people loyal to their principles.