Guide to the Aloes of South Africa

A wonderful guide to all 155 species aloes found in the South African field and in gardens.
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Title: Guide to the Aloes of South Africa
Authors: Ben-Erik van Wyk; Gideon F. Smith
Publisher: Briza Publications
3rd edition. Pretoria, South Africa 2014
ISBN 9781920217389 / ISBN 978-1-920217-38-9
Hardcover, 17 x 24 cm, 376 pages, 400 photographs, distribution maps


Guide to the Aloes of South Africa is a beautifully illustrated full-colour guide that makes it easy for both the layperson and scientist to identify aloes found in the field and in gardens. It includes detailed species descriptions of all 155 aloes found in South Africa, with information on the plant’s features, flowering period, habitat and distribution, conservation status, the origin of its scientific and common names, as well as general notes on cultivation and traditional uses of the plant. It consists of more than 400 colour photographs, showing habitat and growth form, as well as close-up photographs of flowers and leaves, and distribution maps of all the species. Introductory chapters focus on aloe-like plants; medicinal, cosmetic and tonic use of aloes; conservation; cultivation and propagation; gardening and landscaping with aloes; pests and diseases and aloe hybrids. Furtheron, an easy-to-use identification system, based mainly on growth habit, is provided.

Content: Guide to the Aloes of South Africa

Preface to the second edition
Aloe-like plants
Medicinal use
Cosmetic and tonic use
Cultivation and propagation
Gardening and landscaping with aloes
Pests and diseases
Layout and terminology used
Group classification
Species descriptions
Group 1. Tree aloes
Group 2. Single-stemmed aloes
Group 3. Multi-stemmed aloes
Group 4. Rambling aloes
Group 5. Creeping aloes
Group 6. Stemless aloes
Group 7. Speckled aloes
Group 8. Spotted aloes
Group 9. Dwarf aloes
Group 10. Grass aloes
Further reading
Alphabetic index to names

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