German Publications on the Anglo-Boer War

German Publications on the Anglo-Boer War/ Deutsche Publikationen über den Anglo-Burenkrieg/ Duitse Publikasies oor die Anglo-Booreoorlog.
Stassen, Nicol; Van der Heyden, Ulrich
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Author: Nicol Stassen; Ulrich van der Heyden
Publisher: Protea Boekhuis
Pretoria, 2007
ISBN: 9781869191184
Hardcover, 14x22 cm, 88 pages, English, Afrikaans, Deutsch

Der Beginn des Zweiten Burenkrieges in Südafrika 1899 erregte große öffentliche Anteilnahme im Deutschen Reich. In der Folge entstand eine unüberschaubare Menge deutscher Publikationen, die erstmals in dieser Bibliographie erfaßt wurden.


When the Anglo-Boer War began at the end of 1899, Germans protested profusely. Everybody, from the Conservatives to the Social Democrats took a united stand against the “arch enemy”, Britain, and her war in the south of Africa.

This interest left a great number of German publications, which is a reminder of the fact that the general public of the German Reich supported, with great interest, an important world historic event overseas, which remains unprecedented in its intensity and extent.

This publication includes an introduction in English, Afrikaans and German. It lists German literature that deals with the Boer War in some way. Only separate publications and monographic publications are included.

The titles that are included in this bibliography contain the most important bibliographic information, which is necessary if the books are to be consulted by interested parties. Even when some of the details for a publication could not be obtained, it is still included in this bibliography.