Gardens to inspire

Gardens to Inspire introduces 25 remarkable and unique South African gardens.
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Title: Gardens to Inspire
Author: Keith Kirsten
Publisher: Randomhouse Struik
Imprint: Lifestyle
Cape Town, South Africa 2013
ISBN 9781431700950 / ISBN 978-1-4317-0095-0
Hardcover, 22 x 29, 244 pages, 250 colour photographs

Description: Gardens to inspire

South Africa is one of the world's great crossroads and, situated at the southernmost tip of the continent, Cape Town is the gateway. Frequently depicted as a melting pot of cultures, for centuries the Cape was a key port on the spice route between Europe and the East. The gardens of South Africa reflect the multicultural strands of this diverse country, from Cape Dutch homesteads amongst the vineyards, to Indian-inspired subtropical gardens in KwaZulu-Natal, to the stately manor houses of the landlords whose discoveries of gold and diamonds brought wealth and prestige.

Many of the country's older gardens are steeped in the gardening and landscaping traditions of their European creators. South Africa's overwhelming botanical diversity has long been acknowledged. Kirstenbosch, one of the world's most remarkable gardens, was founded 100 years ago. Here, in its unparalleled setting beneath the grandeur of Table Mountain, this treasure house of indigenous plants reminds us how much poorer the world's parks and gardens would be without the flora of South Africa. Diversity is a key word for South African gardens.

From newly built gardens using plants and landscaping that reflect the uniqueness of southern Africa, to heritage gardens and mature arboretums, the country has many noteworthy gardens. Some are crafted by designers, landscapers and horticulturalists; others are the result of years of dedication and vision by just one or two people. Gardens of great beauty have been created across all climate and vegetation zones, from the arid West Coast to the subtropical eastern shores and from the evergreen fynbos of the southwestern Cape to the Highveld and the Bushveld of the north.

Content: Gardens to Inspire

Babylonstoren: Formal food garden
Beechwood: A sense of perfection
Benvic: Arboretum in the mist
Brenthurst: Indigenous inspiration
Bristle Cone: Timeless spaces
Camberley: Days of wine and roses
Cavalli Estate: Creating a sustainable garden
Cavers: Generations of gardeners
Delaire Graff Estate: A gem of Cape contemporary design
Durban Botanic Gardens: A garden of history
12 Exeter Avenue: Proudly sustainable
Fairholme: Roses and apple orchards
Fresh Woods: A woodland garden in Elgin
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden: Jewel of the Cape
Makaranga: Indigenous forest meets enchanted garden
Montpellier: Merging with the mountain
Mvutshini: Subtropical paradise in Pongola
Old Nectar: A lifetime's dedication
River Lodge Farm: Cold-climate country garden
Riversfield: A Midlands country garden, David Hicks' style
Shangri-La: A garden of the imagination
49 St James Crescent: Eco-friendly wildlife haven
Stellenberg: Cape classical garden
Vergelegen: Historic tree haven
Whyte Thorne: A passion for orchids
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