Frogs and Frogging in Southern Africa

The field guide Frogs and Frogging in Southern Africa describes all 129 frog species, keys and maps to aid identification.
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Title: Frogs and Frogging in Southern Africa
Author: Vincent Carruthers
Genre: Frog Guide
Publisher: Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2001
ISBN 186872607X / ISBN 1-86872-607-X
ISBN 9781868726073 / ISBN 978-1-86872-607-3
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 100 pages, over hundered colour photos, 1 Audio-CD


Southern Africa has almost 130 frog species that occur throughout the region. The first part of this guide is divided into chapters according to the five basic southern African biomes - savanna, grassland, forest, fynbos and desert. Frogs that are commonly found in these habitats are listed and examples of interesting adaptations and behaviour are discussed. The evolution of frogs is explained, how to find, photograph and record them, myths and medicinal uses, and a wealth of other fascinating details. The second part of the guide is a field guide that describes the Southern African frog species in detail, along with distribution maps and colourful photographs. With a few exceptions, frogs are nocturnal or crepuscular animals and can best be found by tracking their calls after dark. To assist in this process as well as in identifying species, a CD is included that features 56 frog calls. Frogs and Frogging in Southern Africa first appeared in 2001 and, until the publication in 2009 of the more comprehensive A Complete Guide to the Frogs of Southern Africa, it was the only available popular guidebook for the frogs of the region