Forests and woodlands of Namibia

Photographic study of Namibia's forests and woodlands, with extensive information on distribution and commercial uses of each species.
Mendelsohn, John; el Obeid, Selma
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Title: Forests and woodlands of Namibia John Mendlesohn
Author: John M. Mendelsohn; Selma el Obeid
Genre: Ecology, Environment
Publisher: RAISON (Research & Information Services of Namibia)
Windhoek, 2005
ISBN 9991678034 / ISBN 9789991678030
Softcover, 21 x 25 cm, 152 pages, colour photos, maps, diagrams


Trees not only provide wood and non-wood products but also provide numerous environmental goods and services such as the conservation of biological diversity and mitigation of climate change, and they have a key role in alleviating poverty and improving food security. This book, Forests and Woodlands of Namibia, was published for the Directorate of Forestry Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Government of Nambia and funded by the Government of Finland through the Namibia-Finland Forestry Programme. It focusses on trees and shrubs, the organisms that help to shape and enrich the environment and provide much value to the country. Seen separately, the organisms are trees or shrubs, but collectively they form habitats known as forests, woodlands, savannas or shrublands. In turn, habitats are areas that provide people, livestock and other animals with resources which contribute greatly to their livelihoods. One role of this book is to illustrate the major processes that cause Namibian woodland habitats to be the way they are. The book also describes the many ways in which woody plants are used, and the ways we hope to manage and conserve woody habitats.

Content: Forests and woodlands of Namibia

INTRODUCTION: context and early beginnings
ECOLOGY: the life of trees
BENEFITS AND USES: more than wood
CHANGING MANAGEMENT: conservation for use
PROSPECTS: seeing; the wood and the trees