For the love of Wildlife

For the love of Wildlife is a biography of Namibian family who turned a cattle farm in to a world renowned wildlife sanctuary, Harnas in Namibia.
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Title: For the love of Wildlife
Authors: Chris Mercer; Beverley Pervan
Publisher: Kalahari Raptor Centre
Kathu, South Africa 2003
ISBN 0620260149 / ISBN 0-620-26014-9
ISBN 9780620260145 / ISBN 978-0-620-26014-5
Leather binding, dustcover, 19 x 26 cm, 252 pages, many colour photos, 2 maps


For the love of Wildlife is the true story of the Harnas Lion Farm in Namibia and of the extraordinary sacrifices and experiences which the van der Merwe family has undergone to save from persecution hundreds of wild animals including forty lions, leopards and cheetah. A story of a young girl and her beloved lion, Mufasa, and the tragedy which can tear a family apart. The tale of Bagheera the crippled cheetah who captured peoples' hearts. A rich tapestry woven through with death, danger, mistakes and rescues. It is an eloquent protest against the ongoing loss of wild habitat and destruction of wildlife in Southern Africa. The Mother of Harnas, Marieta van der Merwe was born in Namibia and raised as an only child on an isolated cattle ranch where animals were her only friends and companions. Out of her passion for wildlife and the devoted support of her family, has grown possibly the largest private wild care centre in the Southern Hemisphere. She has fostered over the last twenty-five years hundreds of orphaned and injured wild children.

Content: For the love of Wildlife

Map of Namibia and Africa
Map of Harnas
The Vanishing
The Van der Merwe family
A Day in the Life of Harnas
The Vanishing
A Brief History of Persecution