Explorations in African History: Reading Patrick Harries

"Explorations in African History: Reading Patrick Harries" is a collection of essays documenting the growth of African history as a discipline at the University of Basel since 2001.
Arlt, Veit; Bishop, Stephanie; Schmid, Pascal
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Title: Explorations in African History: Reading Patrick Harries
Editors: Veit Arlt, Stephanie Bishop and Pascal Schmid
Genre: Photographic collection
Publisher: Basler Afrika Bibliographien
Basel, Switzerland 2015
ISBN 9783905758627 / ISBN 978-3-905758-62-7
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 96 pages, b/w photos


This collection of essays documents the growth of African history as a discipline at the University of Basel since 2001. It thus pays tribute to fourteen years of research and teaching by Patrick Harries at the Department of History and the Centre for African Studies Basel. The Festschrift covers a broad range of topics from mine labour to missionary endeavour and the production of knowledge, reflecting some of his core research interests. The contributions engage with Patrick Harries' ceuvre with reference to the authors' own scholarship or vice-versa. Some directly address his publications while others take his teaching, correspondence, remarks or intellectual life more broadly as a point of reference. They all pay tribute to a brilliant and inspiring scholar, a great teacher and a kind person.

Content: Explorations in African History. Reading Patrick Harries

Preface (Veit Arlt, Stephanie Bishop, Pascal Schmid)
The Making of a Transnational Historian: Patrick Harries in Lausanne (Eric Morier-Genoud )
From Swiss Imperialism to Postcolonial Switzerland (Pascal Schmid)
Hildagonda Duckitt's (and Patrick Harries') Contribution to Namibian History (Dag Henrichsen)
Cultural Reproduction and Memory: Past, Present and Future (Rita Kesselring)
Photography and the Demise of Anthropology (Jürg Schneider)
Staying for Gold or Joining the Rebellion? South West African Migrant Workers on the Rand During War and Genocide, 1904-1905 (Gregor Dobler)
From Mining Pit to Missionary Bungalow: Trading Spaces in the Writing of Patrick Harries (Cassandra Mark-Thiesen)
Of Wives, Slaves and Commerce, or: The Price of Things (Ulrike Sill)
Notes on the Basel Mission's Production of Knowledge in the Kannada Language in Nineteenth Century South India (Paul Jenkins)
Of Birds and (Wo)Men (Tanja Hammel)
German Natural History Collectors and the Appropriation of Human Skulls and Skeletons in Early Nineteenth Century Southern Africa: Towards a Discursive Analysis of Collecting (Patrick Grogan)
Who Cut Down Margaret Thatcher's Tree? (Melanie Eva Boehi)
'Reluctant Bonds': On the Role of Narrative in Post-Apartheid South Africa (Franziska Ruedi)
South African Jazz: The Basel Connection (Veit Arlt)
The Game Plan for a Successful Career (Stephanie Bishop)
Notes on Contributors