Etosha (DVD) Paul van Schalkwyk

A spectacular DVD film journey inside Etosha National Park by Paul van Schalkwyk.
van Schalkwyk, Paul
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One Africa Television
Producers: Paul van Schalkwyk, Josef Nyberg
Windhoek, 2008
EAN 9789991682860
DVD, 40 minutes, English


Etosha takes you on a spectacular journey inside one of Africa's greatest national parks, exploring life in its wild abundance and through the natural cycle of seasons. Teeming with life, Etosha is a stage for dramatic wildlife encounters and adventures on a grand scale. Covering 22 970 square kilometres and home to more than 65 000 large mammals, Etosha is the sixth-largest national park in the world.

But Etosha is far greater than the sum of its components. It is a place of emotion and countless images. Lions prowl, elephants bathe and rhinos stumble over rocks. Young springbok take their first step, and vultures take flight. With spectacular cinematography and punctuated with the evocative legends of the Haillom Bushmen - the original people of Etosha - this film tells the timeless story of life on the plains, where predator and prey share a landscape and a destiny.