Etosha. Celebrating a hundred years of conservation

This book beautifully captures the imprint of time upon Etosha National Park, celebrating a hundred years of conservation.
van Schalkwyk, Rieth
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Title: Etosha. Celebrating a hundred years of conservation
Editor: Rieth van Schalkwyk
Publisher: Venture Publications
Windhoek, Namibia 2007
ISBN 9789991682839 /ISBN 978-99916-828-3-9
Softcover, 21x29 cm, 177 pages, throughout colour photos


Etosha - a word that arouses countless emotions for a place of contrasts where vast, open plains change dramatically with the seasons, and where wildlife is found, often against all odds, in abundance. Etosha, the book, vividly captures the wonder and excitement of Namibia's fabled national park, through informative essays and outstanding aerial and ground photography. Etosha traces the geological evolution and human spirit that are as much a part of the park's great landscape as its diverse flora and fauna. Fossil evidence, wildlife movements and flawed and fabulous human characters are revealed as, over the years, Etosha's boundaries and realities change with time, controversies and conservation.

From predators to prey, plants that provide sustenance to life-saving waterholes, the wealth of wildlife diversity found in Etosha is underscored in Chapters dedicated to the mammals, birds, plants and places of the park. With contributions from leading Namibian writers and photographers, Etosha celebrates the centenary of the Etosha National Park, highlighting its fascinating history and the strong conservation ethic that has made it one of the world's premier national parks. Etosha beautifully captures the imprint of time upon a timeless landscape.