Dingo Firestorm. The greatest battle of the Rhodesian Bush War

Dingo Firestorm is a fresh, gripping recreation of a major battle in southern African military history and Rhodesian Bush War.
Pringle, Ian
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Book title: Dingo Firestorm
Subtitle: The greatest battle of the Rhodesian Bush War
Author: Ian Pringle
Type: War Memorires
Imprint: Zebra Press
Publisher: Random House Struik
Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781770224285 / ISBN 978-1-77022-428-5
Softcover, 15x23 cm, 228 pages, many photos


On 23.10.1977, an armada of helicopters and aeroplanes took off from Rhodesian airbases and crossed the border into Mozambique. Their objective: to attack the headquarters of the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army, where thousands of enemy forces were concentrated. Codenamed Operation Dingo, the raid was planned to coincide with a meeting of Robert Mugabe and his war council at the targeted HQ. It would be the biggest conflict of the Rhodesian Bush War. In this fascinating account, Ian Pringle describes the political and military backdrop leading up to the operation, and he tells the story of the battle through the eyes of key personalities who planned, led and participated in it. Using his own experience as a jet and helicopter pilot and skydiver, he recreates the battle in detail, explaining the performance of men and machines in the unfolding drama of events.

Content: Dingo Firestorm. The greatest battle of the Rhodesian Bush War

Author's note
South-east Africa, 1977
Helicopter routes to Chimoio and Tembue
The attack on New Farm, Chimoio
The attack on Tembue
Part 1: The gathering storm
Stirrings at home
The birth of ZANU and UDI
The Silver Queen sows a seed
ZANU starts the Second Chimurenga
New strategy for ZANLA
Lessons from Sinoia
Tete Province
Tongogara's Phase 1
Phase 2: The hit-and-run war begins
Hurricane and Tete
Détente and the Carnation Revolution
ZANU falls apart
Mugabe heads east
Meat-axe diplomacy
Finding Chimoio
Planning Dingo
The Year of the Fire Snake: 1977
ComOps is formed
Autumn in spring
Walls between the SAS and RLI
Secret is secret
There's a kind of hush
The Dingo commanders
The Dingo briefing
Part 2: Zulu 1: Chimoio
Short Handle
Brand - the marksman
Lake Alexander
New Sarum
The magnificent seven
The mass paradrop
Cover Point chaos
Long Stop
Rubbernecking and the sweep
Pit-stop bingo
Centre Wicket
Sleepless in Chimoio
Part 3: Zulu 2: Tembue
Lightning over the Saudi desert
Tembue by train
Mount Darwin, P minus 1
Square Ring
The battle
The mystery of the empty parade square
Glossary and abbreviations
Select bibliography

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