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Ghana Resurgent

Ghana Resurgent

Ghana Resurgent is an interesting study of the state of Ghana, written by Michael Francis Dei-Anang (1909-1977) only few years after beeing released to independence in 1957.
Dei-Anang, Michael

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Title: Ghana Resurgent
Author: Michael Dei-Anang
Publisher: Accra Waterville Publishing House
Print: The Camelot Press Limited, London and Southampton
1st edition. Accra, Ghana 1964
Original cloth-binding, original dustjacket, 15 x 22 cm, 248 pages, 65 illustrations, 2 maps

About: Ghana Resurgent

From the foreword by William Francis Hare, 5th Earl of Listowel (1906–1997), last Governor-General of Ghana:

The first requirement for a balanced judgment about the new Africa is to see it through African eyes. Hence the unique value of this book, Ghana Resurgent. After all, most of our knowledge of Africa has been largely conditioned by the accounts of explorers, traders, and missionaries of the continent and its inhabitants. Such reports suffer from the faults usually associated with the impressions of people with vested interests, and those of casual or biased observers. This book, Ghana Resurgent, deals with Ghana, a country that typifies the problems and the aspirations of the new Africa. I myself had the privilege and unforgettable experience of being that country's second Governor-General from the autumn of 1957 until the end of June 1960, when Ghana became a Republic under the Presidency of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. So I shall be forgiven if I say something, in conclusion, about my own pleasure in the book and my high regard for its author.

For me the highlights in an always stimulating story were the account of the rise of the Convention Peoples Party, the ruling Party in Ghana, the description of the Volta River Project, which is hastening Ghana's industrial revolution, and the insight which only an African can possess into the characteristics of the African Personality. Michael Dei-Anang was one of my closest friends, and a daily collaborator as my Principal Secretary during much of my time in Ghana. He was one of the first Africans to become Head of a Department of State, and he was in charge of the Foreign Office in Accra before he became an Ambassador for special duties in the Foreign Service of Ghana. But, even more important than his record as an able administrator, is the fact that he is Ghana's foremost poet and dramatist, and one of the outstanding literary figures in the new Africa.

Content: Ghana Resurgent

Foreword by the Rt Hon. the Earl of Listowel, PC
The dark days of colonialism
In quest of ancient Ghana
Early days of self-government
Coastal states
Some inland states
Early struggle against foreign domination
Political awakening
The path to independence
The foundations of modern ghana
Ghana's first statesman
Ten years of reconstruction: I95I-I961
Ghanaian culture
General, Drama, Arts, Crafts, Poetry, Social Laws and Customs
The concept of the african personality
The new african in world affairs
List of Illustrations