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The stolen water and other stories. Traditional tales from Namibia

The stolen water and other stories. Traditional tales from Namibia

The stolen water consists of traditional talse and age-old stories from throughout Namibia.
Davis, Jennifer

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Book title: The stolen water and other stories
Subtitle: Traditional age-old stories from throughout Namibia
Author: Jennifer Davis
Publisher: New Namibia Books
Windhoek, Namibia 1993
Softcover, 21x30 cm, 83 pages, bw-photos, throughout colour illustrations

"The King who Cheated":

King Thabo was a great king. He was well loved, not only for his goodness, but also for his music. When he played his drums and sang his songs, the people danced with pleasure. One day a stranger arrived in the village. He presented himself to the king who welcomed him warmly and then asked him what his business was. "I am a travelling musician and story-teller," replied the stranger.

"That's good." King Thabo smiled with approval. "Tonight we will feast and you'll entertain us all." The king's messengers spread the news. Excitement swept through the village as the people bustled about preparing for the feast. Who was this man? What stories could he tell? How good was his music? They wondered. At last it was time for the feast to begin. When they had eaten as much as they could eat, the people gathered around the stranger, their eager faces glowing in the dancing firelight.

The stranger picked up his reed pipe and put it to his lips. Everyone fell silent. He played a melody of such sweetness that they were filled with joy. He told them wonderful tales of battles and heroes and they listened to every magical word. When the stranger had played his last tune and told his last tale, the people lingered on, not wanting to end the enchantment of that night. The king, too, was moved by the stranger but cold jealousy clutched his heart. [...]


The Story of the Hone
The Watersnake
Jackal and the Birds
Kagiso and the Magic Cow
Nyambe and Kahundu
The Greedy Jackal
The Two Sisters and the Milk
King Frog
Nehova and the Monster
Lion and Jackal
The Good Farmer
The King who Cheated
The Lizard who Waves his Feet
The Cunning Tailor
Jackal and Hyena
The Stolen Water
The Giant Ant
The Great Snake
Nguzu's Two Wifes
The Baobab Tree
The Unfortunated Hyena
The Lion, the Baby and the Truffles
Moon and Hare