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Border-Line Insanity. A National Serviceman's Story

Border-Line Insanity. A National Serviceman's Story

Border-Line Insanity: A National Serviceman's Story is an insight into the life and times of a conscripted soldier in the ranks of the South African Army during the border war in Namibia and Angola.
Ramsden, Tim

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Titel: Border-Line Insanity
Subtitle: A National Serviceman's Story
Author: Timothy Ramsden
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, South Africa 2009
ISBN 9781919854243 / ISBN 978-1-919854-24-3
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 352 pages, numerous photos

About: Border-Line Insanity. A National Serviceman's Story

Tim Ramsden has written his war memoirs 'Border-Line Insanity: A National Serviceman's Story' in as much detail as he could truthfully and accurately remember. Painstakingly over three and a half years, with patience, passion and discipline, he unfolded his army life in South Africa, Namibia and Angola onto paper. He takes the reader through the training and explains the bonds of comradeship that developed between the members of his platoon. After the completion of basic training he experienced a spell of peacekeeping duty in a black South African township. From there his platoon was deployed to the Namibian-Angolan border where they learned to live in the bush, where they saw death and the insanities that went with the bush war. 1988, the author joined an armoured battle group that had been hurriedly formed to repel two Cuban armoured brigades that were threatening to invade Namibia east of Ruacana. After the peace deal between South Africa, Cuba and Angola was being signed, Cuba withdrew its forces. This signalled the end of the Border War. Looking back, Tim Ramsden is glad to have served his two years and faced the hardship head-on. It was a time he shall never forget. He haa grown through the experience and is proudly South African. The friends, the fears, the highs and the lows will always be in his memory. Border-Line Insanity: A National Serviceman's Story includes the SADF’s Roll of Honour listing 2,500 of its honoured dead killed on active service during the Border War and the complete roll of the SADF’s Honoris Crux awards for bravery.

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