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Stare at Daggers

Stare at Daggers

An easy and enjoyable to read, Manyando's 'Stare at Daggers' is proof that quality, creative storytelling in contemporary Namibia is alive and well.

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Titel: Stare at Daggers
Author: Mary M. Manyando
Genre: Fiktion
Publisher: Macmillan Education Namibia
Namibia, 2012
ISBN 9789991625546
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 82 pages

About: Stare at Daggers

A young Namibian girl escapes the brutal slaughter of her parents and village, clutching to the one object the destroyers were after. With the aid of a magic dagger, she is whisked away to an enchanted kingdom underneath a sacred river, on towards a journey of fate and reprisal. Stare of Daggers' is the debut novel of Namibian author Mary M. Manyando, and is the first in her trilogy following the adventures of the eponymous, 'Stare at Daggers', 'Faces of Man, Hearts of Animals' and 'Rise, Chosen One' complete the series.


Staying Strong
The Underwater Kingdom
Miyo's Help
Forest Encounter
The Prophecy
First Sight
The Battle
The Ultimate Command

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