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Namibia and Germany: Negotiating the Past

Namibia and Germany: Negotiating the Past

Negotiating the past between Namibia and Germany conidering history, community, commemoration and performance, apology, restitution and reparation.

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Title: Namibia and Germany
Subtitle: Negotiating the Past
Author: Reinhart Kößler
Publisher: Verlag Westfälisches Dampfboot
Münster, Germany 2015
ISBN 9783896918574 / ISBN 978-3-89691-857-4
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 392 pages, several photos, text in English


100 years since the end of German colonial rule in Namibia, the relationship between the former colonial power and the Namibian communities who were affected by its colonial policies remains problematic, and interpretations of the past are still contested. Namibia and Germany: Negotiating the Past examines the ongoing debates, conflicts and confrontations over the past. The book scrutinises the consequences of German colonial rule, its impact on the descendants of victims of the 1904-08 genocide, Germany's historical responsibility, and ways in which the author Reinhart Kössler thinks post-colonial reconciliation might be achieved.

Content: Namibia and Germany. Negotiating the Past

Preface and Acknowledgements
Introduction: A Special Postcolonial and Transnational Relationship
Part I: The Burden of History
Namibia’s Century of Colonialism: a Fragmented Past in an Unequal Society
Germany: From Late Coloniser to First Postcolonial Nation to Postcolonial Amnesia
The First Genocide of the 20th Century and the Holocaust: Structural Parallels – Discursive Continuities?
Namibia’s Germany: Transnational Implications of Settler Colonialism
The Namibian Connection in Denialism
Part II: Community, Commemoration and Performance
Communal Reconstruction and Subaltern Traditions
Constructing and Claiming Identities and Spaces: Commemorations in Southern and Central Namibia
Beyond a Fragmented Image of History
Part III: Apology, Restitution & Reparation: The Challenge of Postcolonial Reconciliation
A Mute Conversation: The Rise of the Reparations Issue
Half an Apology – Political Re-Alignments
The Saga of the Skulls: Restitution Without Recognition
Conclusion: Perspectives in the Long Aftermath of Genocide
About the author
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