Saltwater Fishing in South Africa

Saltwater Fishing in South Africa is a practical guide to the how, when and where of angling along the South African coastline.
Crous, Hennie
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Title: Saltwater Fishing in South Africa
Author: Hennie Crous
Publisher: Struik Publishers
2nd edition. Cape Town, South Africa 2000
ISBN 9781868723072 / ISBN 978-1-86872-307-2
Softcover, 15 x 21 cm, 230 pages, numerous colour photos and bw-illustrations

About: Saltwater Fishing in South Africa

In writing Saltwater Fishing in South Africa my objective has been to provide a useful guide to our region, principally for newcomers to the sport but I hope that much will be of interest to those who have been saltwater fishing for some time. I make no claim to have written a comprehensive manual, but, over the years, in introducing people of all ages to angling, and assisting others to aquire the skills necessary to make successful angling much more than a matter of luck, I have found the better the foundation a beginner has, the better angler he becomes. This foundation is what I hope the novice will gain from this book. So often after a day's fishing, when one angler has been particularly successful while others in the party have struggled to catch anything, the inevitable post-mortem will bring to light subtle differences in tackle and rigging or bait presentation. And time and again it will be found that the consistently successful angler is the one who is aware that changes in the prevailing conditions can affect the behaviour and feeding habits of fish, and who instinctively adapts his fishing technique accordingly.

Content: Saltwater Fishing in South Africa

The Influence of Nature
Fishing Skills
Knots and Rigging
Rock and Surf Angling
Estuarine and Inshore Boat Fishing
Deep-Sea Big-Game Angling
Maps and Area Guides
Appendix: Tagging Programme