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Mike Lundy's Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula

Mike Lundy's Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula

These are 30 best walks and hiking routes in the Cape Peninsula to particular points of interest, tested and described by Mike Lundy.
Lundy, Mike

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Title: Mike Lundy's Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula
Author: Mike Lundy
Publisher: Struik Travel & Heritage / Random House Struik
8th edition, Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781920545666 / ISBN 978-1-920545-66-6
Softcover, 21x15 cm, 144 pages, illustrations and maps

About: Mike Lundy's Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula:

Among the many contrasts and nuances of beauty and mood that make up South Africa, those of the Cape Peninsula, with its marvellous combination of sea, sky and mountain, are outstanding. This is the environment that avid hiker Mike Lundy has chosen to write about, presenting the reader with a choice of carefully selected walks, many of which traverse the slopes and heights of Table Mountain. Giving practical advice on such vital aspects as mountain safety and capricious local weather conditions, he skilfully guides his reader through an area that lies within one of the six great floral kingdoms of the world. Table Mountain alone, supporting more than 1400 flowering plant species, is unparalleled in the enormous variety that occurs within so small a compass. The potential reward for those seeking environmental and recreational inspiration is enormous. May they, like the author, hold fast to the idea that the pleasure we derive from our natural heritage must not blind us to our responsibility to conserve that heritage for future generations. To those who tramp but do not trample underfoot, his message is an open invitation, not merely to visit but to walk about, hike, climb and become involved.

Each route in Mike Lundy's Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula includes:

Easy-to-follow directions
Accurate route map
Average hiking time
GPS coordinates for start and finish points
Grading that covers difficulty and exposure
Notes on the availability of water
Advice on whether dogs can be taken along
Fascinating information on historical sites, plants, trees and birds en route

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