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Under the Southern Cross. Short Stories from South Africa

Under the Southern Cross. Short Stories from South Africa

Under the Southern Cross, an anthology of short stories, provides a wide-ranging introduction to South Africa.
Anon; Scully, W.C.; Glanville, Ernest; FitzPatrick, Sir Percy; Mason, A.E.W.; Gibbon, Perceval; Cripps, Arthur Shearly; Schreiner, Olive; Smith, Pauline; Dhlomo, R.R.R.; Blignaut, Aegidius Jean; Bosman, Herman Charles; Griffiths, Reginald; Jacobson, Dan; Lessing, Doris; Plomer, William; Gertrude, Sarah; Cope, Jack; Paton, Alan; Gordimer, Nadine; Leshoai, Bob; Cloete, Stuart; Adams, Perseus; Abrahams, Lionel; Essop, Ahmed; Roberts, Sheila; Strauss, Gertrud; Reddy, Jayapraga; Head, Bessie; Rive, Richard

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Title: Under the Southern Cross
Subtitle: Short Stories from South Africa
Editor: David Adey
Publisher: Ad. Donker; Delta House
Johannesburg; Cape Town, 1982
ISBN 0949937975 / ISBN 0-949937-97-5
Original hardcover, original dustjacket, 12x19 cm, 303 pages


Very good. Dustjacket minimal ripped on edges.


This anthology of short stories, edited and introduced by David Adey, provides a wide-ranging introduction to (or opportunity to renew acquaintanceship with) an art in which many southern African authors have achieved greatness. The stories mirror the evolution of a nation, from the hardships and adventures of frontier and tribal life to the world of township and city. A large number of authors have been selected, with the aim of producing a collection as representative as possible of all the characteristics, qualities and diversities of mood that co-exist in the genre.

Content: Under the Southern Cross. Short Stories from South Africa

Anon: Wilkinson, the Indian
W.C. Scully: Ukushwama
Ernest Glanville: The Black Mamba
Sir Percy FitzPatrick: The Pool
A.E.W. Mason: How Harrington Returned to Johannesburg
Perceval Gibbon: A Good End
Arthur Shearly Cripps: The Black Death
Olive Schreiner: The Buddhist Priest's Wife
Pauline Smith: The Pastor's Daughter
R.R.R. Dhlomo: Magic in a Zulu Name
Aegidius Jean Blignaut: The Bell
Herman Charles Bosman: In the Withaak's Shade
Reginald Griffiths: The White Ox
Dan Jacobson: A Day in the Country
Doris Lessing: A Sunrise on the Veld
William Plomer: A Friend of her Father's
Sarah Gertrude: Millin Pumpkins
Jack Cope: Power
Alan Paton: Sponono
Nadine Gordimer: A Company of Laughing Faces
Bob Leshoai: Masilo's Adventures
Stuart Cloete: The Finger of God
Perseus Adams: A True Gruesome
Lionel Abrahams: Same Again
Ahmed Essop: The Hajji
Sheila Roberts: Granny Kersting
Gertrud Strauss: Widows'Talk
Jayapraga Reddy: The Slumbering Spirit
Bessie Head: The Lovers
Richard Rive: Black Macbeth
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