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Welwitschia's World

Welwitschia's World

Welwitschia's World presents one of the strangest plants of Namibia in poem, facts and picture.
Henschel, Joh

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Title: Welwitschia's World
Author: Joh Henschel
Publisher: Wordweaver Publishing House
Windhoek, Namibia 2012
ISBN 9789991687865 / ISBN 978-99916-878-6-5
Softcover,15x21 cm, 66 pages, 100 full-colour photographs


Welwitschia mirabilis, commonly known as Welwitschia, is a most extraordinary plant, as its species name reflects (mirabilis is Latin, meaning: wonderful, marvellous). It is iconic, and Welwitschia is therefore an obvious choice for the Namibian Coat of Arms. The name is also commonly used as a company or product name, or to attract attention to flagships. There are also many legends and myths on Welwitschia, as can be expected from such an attention-grabber. This plant inspires the imagination. Thomas Baines was the first artist to depict welwitschia in 1860, and by no means the last. This remarkable plant also inspires photography and creative writing. An example is this delightful visual arrangement of words organised into the shape of a single Welwitschia leaf, with words growing and finally fraying into gibberish like a real leaf does in nature. This delightful compendium takes the reader through various facets of this plant’s history, its life cycle, environment, its companions, and reflects the awe people have for this iconic plant.

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