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Battlefields of Gold

Battlefields of Gold

Battlefields of Gold tells the stories, largely untold, of what really went on behind the scenes of the South African company Gold Fields.
Gibson, Rex

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Title: Battlefields of Gold
Subtitle: How Gold Fields fought for survival and won
Author: Rex Gibson
Publisher: Jonathan Ball
Cape Town / Johannesburg, South Africa, 2012
ISBN 9781868425143 / ISBN 978-1-86842-514-3
Hardcover, dust jacket, 16 x 24 cm, 334 pages, several bw and colour photos

About: Battlefields of Gold

This is the story of 25 tumultuous years in the life of Gold Fields, one of the world’s great mining companies. If it is true that ‘Big Business’ is the last adventure frontier, then mining for gold has to be the most adventurous, dangerous and unpredictable business pursuit of them all. Mining is all about risk, risk and reward. Gold Fields, fourth-biggest gold producer in the world, has confronted risk many times in its history. Mining four kilometres under the earth as well as surface mining, it has flirted with disaster as often as it has known triumph. Viewed from a distance, great companies seem to float serenely across untroubled waters. But the reality is very different. Mining is about people too, strong-minded people ready to take chances and back their own judgement. Such forceful and dauntless personalities tend to clash. Battlefields of Gold is not merely a history. It tells the stories, largely untold, of what really went on behind the scenes as the company fought time and again for survival. Fast-paced and pulling no punches, this tell-all history provides intriguing insights into the boardroom battles, risky ventures and tempestuous corporate climate of this giant gold producer.

Contents: Battlefields of Gold

A Death in the Family
The End of an Affair
Battle Stations Alert
A Tiff in the Family
Gloves Off
Cloak and Dagger
Triends' Fall Out
What Rhodes Started
Enter the Heavy Hands
When Euphoria Fades
Baptism of Fire
A Little Gold Mine
Trapped - Three Kilometres Down
Something Going Wrong
Nightmare Start
Strike to the Death
Future Shock - Now
Into a New World
Shock Treatment
An Imposter?
Going International
Life and Death
One Ill-chosen Word
A Bombshell Leak
From Russia, with Anger
Predator on the Prowl
Deadlines, Damn Deadlines
A Victory at Last
Palace Revolution
Brutal Ping-Pong
Changing the Guard
Looking Ahead
A Woman's Touch

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