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Under the Sway. A photographic journey through Mozambique

Under the Sway. A photographic journey through Mozambique

Under the Sway defeats preconceived notions about Mozambique. This photographic journey opens new windows and an opportunity to look at Mozambique with fresh eyes.
Fox, Justin

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Book title: Under the Sway
Subtitle: A photographic journey through Mozambique
Author: Justin Fox
Imprint: Umuzi
Publisher: Random House Struik
Cape Town, South Africa 2011
ISBN 9781415200131 / ISBN 978-1-4152-0013-1
Hardcover, dustjacket, 27 x 28 cm, 144 pages, throughout colour photos


Bewitched by Mozambique’s dazzling beauty, its alluring architecture, multihued seascapes, rambunctious markets and harbours with antiquated sailing craft, travel writer Justin Fox set out to capture all of these in his latest book, a hardcover, full-colour photographic feast accompanied by a compelling text. Under the Sway offers you glimpses of a country, captured by a traveller who has traversed its highs and lows, unembroidered and unembellished.

We boarded the clap-trap ferry along with an assortment of unroadworthy vehicles and villagers bound for the city. Our lookout spot on the bridge wing took in life on the river. We watched as a beautiful woman with long braided hair came up the gangplank, a bucket brimming with praw balanced on her head. Beside us a baby in sling clung with both hands to the orb of his mothers breast, drinking greedily. Three children in their Sunday best stood side side, staring wide-eyed at the skyline. Out came my camera: in close, wide-angle, click.

With his evocative writing and photography Justin Fox transports the reader to a part of Africa that after years of civil war is agar emerging as a favoured travel destination. Blending into one account several trips - from Deep South to Wild North via the road from Inhambane to Quelimane - he lures one along pot-holed roads and deserted beaches to ancient cities and far-flung villages. Under the Sway is an introduction to the culture and history of a country that has the author 'securely hooked.


Deep South: Ponta do Onto to Inhambane
The Coconut Road: Inhambane to Quelimane
Wild North: Quelimane to Entre Lagos

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