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Ladybird: My house burnt down, my head is on fire!

Ladybird: My house burnt down, my head is on fire!

Ladybird is a report on Janita Sakoschek's mental breakdown after her house burnt down.

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Title: Ladybird: My house burnt down, my head is on fire!
Author: Janita Sakoschek
Publisher: Random House Struik
Imprint: Umuzi
Cape Town, South Africa 2012
ISBN 9781415201336 / ISBN 978-1-4152-0133-6
Softcover, 15x22 cm, 320 pages


When quantity surveyor and builder Janita Sakoschek's house burnt down it unleashed a catastrophic chain of events. She lost everything: her paintings, her diaries and photographs, and ultimately, her sanity. Now she sits rooted to a borrowed sofa, chain-smoking, and blackly depressed. When she finally agrees to see a psychologist, she is institutionalised immediately. As she threads in episodes from her past and present life we soon realise that a breakdown has been a long time coming.

In Ladybird Janita Sakoschek poignantly records her riotous experiences with counsellors and characters of all kinds: from psychiatric doctors and patients in Johannesburg to a retired Legionnaire in the South of France. We trace her deepening spirituality as she embarks on her most challenging construction job yet: rebuilding the walls of her collapsed life.

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