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Out to lunch again

Out to lunch again

Out to lunch again is an assortment of David Bullard's incorrect, satirical, funny articles he wrote for the Sunday Times in South Africa.
Bullard, David

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Book title: Out to lunch again
Author: David Bullard
Publisher: Jonathan Ball
Cape Town, South Africa 2005
ISBN 9781868422356
Softcover, 15x22 cm, 144 pages


Back in 2002 David Bullard was just another hack turning out a weekly column for the Sunday Times and desperately trying to get invited on as many press freebies as possible. Then fortune struck. His first collection of columns, published under the title Out to Lunch, found its way onto the bookshelves just before Christmas and became an instant hit with lovers of the written word and people who couldn't think of anything else to buy as a stocking filler. It even reached the number one spot on the Top Ten best-seller list during the second week of December 2002.

Since then his career can only be described as 'meteoric'. He now appears on radio chat shows, co-presents the popular television programme Car Torque on SABC 3, talks about cars every Saturday morning on SAfm, writes for some very classy publications in addition to the Sunday Times and is in huge demand as a master of ceremonies at some very swish functions. Has all this success spoiled him? No, of course not. He's still the same arrogant, first-class-travelling, cigar-smoking, whisky-drinking, fast-car-driving, long-lunching, tailor-made-suited elitist he always was... only much richer.

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