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Namibia. A visual celebration

Namibia. A visual celebration

Namibia. A visual celebration covers all aspects of this stark and compelling land in dramatically depicted photographs.

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Book title: Namibia. A visual celebration
Authors: Jéan du Plessis; Toast Coetzer; Kathryn McKay
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781770073623
Hardcover, dustjacket, 28x37 cm, 160 pages, throughout colour photos


This wonderful book is part of the popular, large-format “Visual Celebration” series. All the mysterious aspects of this stark and compelling land are dramatically depicted in an astounding collection of photographs – from the fragility of the mist-enshrouded coastline in the west to the hot, dry wasteland of the interior.

The cultural diversity of Namibia’s sparse population has not escaped the camera’s eye, nor has the plant life, much of it unique to this land. Also featured in the book is the wildlife – surprisingly abundant here – which has adapted to survive triumphantly in a harsh and unforgiving environment. The images captured in the book of this country’s ever-changing landscapes are ones that will stay with the reader forever.


The Southern Region
The Central Region
The Coastal Region
The Northern Region

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