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Where to journey inside Namibia

Where to journey inside Namibia

1300 travel destinations are to be found in formidable Where to journey inside Namibia.

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Book title: Where to journey inside Namibia
Author: Sakkie Rothmann
Self published
2nd editon, Uis 2007
ISBN 99916-784-5-X
ISBN: 9789991678450
Hardcover, dust jacket, 30x22 cm, 320 pages, 1256 colour photos, map in 3 parts


Where to journey inside Namibia is a valuable and voluminous scours of guidance, information, photos and maps about the regions, nature and people of Namibia.

Most of Namibia's tourism destinations and facilities are, either tucked away in small far-off villages, some obscure corner of this big country or are situated on a windswept valley far from all.

Compiling a comprehensive publication like this on a country as big and diverse as Namibia is thus not an easy task and Sakkie Rothmann once mentioned that he hopes that Where to journey Inside Namibia meets the traveller’s approval.

He has indeed more than done justice to the scenic wonders from the Orange to the Kunene and Zambezi Rivers in his delightful, informative and educational, high quality publication.