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Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds

Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds

Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds tells the fascinating story of Eeben Barlow establishing private military forces in Africa.
Barlow, Eeben

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Title: Executive Outcomes
Subtitle: Against all Odds
Author: Eeben Barlow
Publisher: Galago
2nd Edition, Cape Town South Africa 2010
ISBN 9781919854410 / ISBN 978-1-919854-41-0
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm, 552 pages, numerous photos, six maps, English text

About: Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds

Eeben Barlow, author of Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds, was lieutenant-colonel in the Permanent Force of the South African Defence Force (SADF). He served in the Engineer Corp, the Reconnaissance Wing of the elite 32 Battalion, Military Intelligence and in the discreet Civil Co-operation Bureau division of Special Forces. When the government arbitrarily disbanded the CCB Barlow was without a job. Taking advantage of his exceptional military skills Barlow formed Executive Outcomes, a private company and was invited to train the SADF’s Special Forces in intelligence skills and to slow down the flow of stolen diamonds from the De Beers Corporation’s properties. He was then asked to recruit a force of ex-servicemen retrenched from the SADF to help an oil company in the recovery of equipment that they had been forced to give up at Soyo/ Angola after it was overrun by UNITA rebels. Executive Outcomes successes lead to a contract to re-train the Angolan army and lead it in a fight to defeat the UNITA rebels. A contract to restore order in Sierra Leone and other like contracts followed, including one to rescue Western hostages taken in Indonesia. There is much, much more to the Executive Outcomes' story and Eeben Barlow tells it in his memoirs Executive Outcomes: Against all Odds.

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