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Cry Zimbabwe. Independence - Twenty years On

Cry Zimbabwe. Independence - Twenty years On

Cry Zimbabwe is a most into topic story of the ongoing tragedy twenty years after Zimbabwe acchieved independence.
Stiff, Peter

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Author: Peter Stiff
Publisher: Galago
Cape Town, 2000
ISBN 1-919854-03-7
ISBN 9781919854027
Soft cover, 17x24 cm, 496 pages, 16 bw- and colour photos, English

Ein unbestechlicher, vielseitiger Blick auf die Geschichte und Tragödie von Simbabwe und deren Mitverantwortliche.


Cry Zimbabwe tells how Robert Mugabe came to power after supervised elections in 1980. Acclaimed by the British Government and others as ‘free and fair’, in reality it had been accompanied by a murderous campaign of intimidation.

Stiff details for the fighting between ZANU-PF and ZAPU elements of the National Army, how the North Koreans formed ex-ZANLA guerrillas into a new 5-Brigade of killing machines.

The world stood by, paying lip service to caring, while they murdered some 15000 people and beat, raped, starved, maimed and tortured many thousands more.

Stiff tells how the SADF armed, equipped and trained Joshua Nkomo’s ZIPRA rebels. How this was done, who did it and why, is explained.

20 years on Zimbabweans were dissatisfied with the ruling party’s waste and rampant corruption. Opposition and the Movement for Democratic Change, led by Morgan Tsvangirai was coming up.

The book tells how Mugabe launched invasions of squatters on to white-owned farms and started a campaign of murder, rape, beatings, torture and intimidation, combined with a forced political ‘re-education’ programme that came out to fail and to strengthen the opposition.

This is the story of one of the African tragedies that is happening now.