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A day in the life of South Africa

A day in the life of South Africa

Antiquarischer Titel
Burgess, Tony

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South African National Council for the Blind 1994
Original leatherette and dust cover, 25x36 cm, 258 pages, throughout bw- and colour photos, 1 map


2. Good, little traces of usage.


Einzigartige Motivauswahl in Südafrika während eines einzigen Tages im Mai 1982. Hochinteressanter Ansatz.

"This Book And The Twenty-Sixth Day Of May, 1982, Is Dedicated To Those South Africans Who Could Never See It. Photographs taken on the day to create a snapshot of our country.

There have been many attempts to capture in words and pictures the totality of South Africa. But, up to today, all the attempts have been by individuals, who could not hope to succeed, for no single person can ever accurately portray all the beauty, the richness, the diverse social structure, the controversy that comprises this Land in the Sun.

This book does the impossible. It takes one ordinary day, Wednesday 26th May, 1982, and through the lenses of thousands of photographers, it brings you South Africa, as seen by South Africans."