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Education and Politics in Namibia. Past Trends and Future Prospects

Education and Politics in Namibia. Past Trends and Future Prospects

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Amukugo, Elisabeth Magano

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Author: Elisabeth Magano Amukugo
Publisher: Gamsberg Macmillan
2nd edition, Windhoek 1995
Original soft cover, 15x21 cm, 237 pages


2-3. Quite good, few traces of usage.
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Education and Politics in Namibia unravels the past trends and future prospects of the education system in Namibia, from the colonial era to the present. This work looks into ways in which education contributed to the reproduction of the colonial order.

It makes apparent the contradictions inherent in that process. The study does this through a combination of theoretical and empirical analyses of historical data with an interpretative synthesis of socio-economic and educational factors.

Dr Elizabeth Magano Amukugo wras born in Okapya, Ondangwa District, Northern Namibia. She did her primary education at Onayena Primary School (1963-1970) and part of her secondary education at Ongwediva High School, from which she was expelled in 1973, for political reasons.

In 1974 she joined the liberation movement SWAPO and left the country for exile in the same year. She obtained a UN scholarship through SWAPO in 1975, in order to complete her secondary education at Agha Khan Academy, Nairobi, Kenya.

In 1979, she left for Sweden where she embarked on a long academic training at Lund University. She is a holder of a BSc in Sociology and Education (1984); a M.Soc Sc. in Education (1986); and a PhD. in Education (1993) - Lund University.

Earlier Publications include Teacher Education for an Independent Namibia: Problems and Prospects (1987) - Publishers: University of Lund. She has taught Philosophy, Sociology and History of Education at the University of Namibia. A mother of two, Dr Elizabeth Amukugo now works for the National Planning Commission in Windhoek.