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Historical Overview of the Lüderitz Lobster Industry

Historical Overview of the Lüderitz Lobster Industry

Top manager Werner Gühring gives a historical overview of the Lüderitz Lobster Industry in Namibia.

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Title: Historical Overview of the Lüderitz Lobster Industry
Subtitle: From Infancy to a Modern Showpiece
Author: Werner Gühring
Self published
Windhoek, 2008
ISBN 9789994568819 / ISBN 978-99945-68-81-9
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 120 pages, many bw-photos


The historical development of the rock lobster industry at Lüderitz is covered from its inception in 1922 up to the latest implications following Namibia's post-independence fisheries management policies. The lobster resource is influenced by many factors ranging from environmental impacts to diamond mining, making proper management and utilization extremely difficult. Catching, transportation at sea, processing to please product preferences of different markets as well as efforts to comply with directives from the authorities, rendered many difficult challenges which company and factory managers had to overcome. Various interesting and lighter moments, incidents and episodes are described with a personal touch, resulting in a contribution with great historical value.

Content: Historical Overview of the Lüderitz Lobster Industry

Lüderitz Lobster Industry
From infancy towards a modern fishing industry, from catching to packing and marketing
The Early Years
The First Lobster Factory at Lüderitz
Establishment of the Crawfish Canners Association
Further Factories
The Mulder Episode
Swafil Seaswas Pool
Sales and Marketing Organisations
The Controversial Granting of Quotas
The Ongoing Changes of Managers
A Fisheries Development Advisory Board
Environmental Changes and Effects on the Lobster
Crawfish versus Lobster (Jasus lalandii)
Questions about Large Size Lobster
Research on Rock Lobster
Fishing for Lobster
A Revolutionary Way of Transporting Lobster
Subsequent Changes
The Comparison of Catches
The Different Lobster Packs
Canning Procedure
The Frozen Tail Production
The Canning of Snoek
The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
The Frozen Tail Marketing in America
Whole Cooked and Whole Raw Lobster
Visits to Lüderitz by our Japanese Customers
The Black Mussel Farming
Drama on a Factory Jetty
Portuguese Fishermen
Inexperienced Skippers
The Sealing Operation
Lüderitz Municipality and its Losses
Ten Newcomers Join the Lobster Fishery
Management Conflicts
The Marketing of our Products in Japan
An Experimental Consignment of Live Lobster
Shareholding and Ownership
On the Lighter Side
The Sailing Boat Anchor
Training of Seamen
A Closer Look at Research and Resource Management
The Bryan O'Linn Commission
The Centenary
The President visits Lüderitz
Changes within the Lobster Industry over the Years
The Government's Fishery Fishcor
Summary of the Years Spent with the Fishing Industry

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