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Cape Town Stories

Cape Town Stories

Cape Town Stories tell about legendary and real, historical and modern inhabitants of Mother City, and their places.

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Book Title: Cape Town Stories
Author: Madeleine Barnard
Type: Oral Tradition
Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2007
ISBN 9781868729401 / ISBN 978-1-86872-940-1
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 176 pages


Cape Town is lovingly referred to by locals as the Mother City. Cape Town Stories casts an affectionate and wry eye over the Mother City’s inhabitants – legendary and real, historical and modern, human and canine, and the places with which they are associated. A wide cross-section of Capetonians is represented with humour and sensitivity in the pages of this book. Coming from a vibrant diversity of cultures from all over South Africa, Africa and the world, they are spirited and fiercely individualistic. And, most of all, they are survivors. Through them is drawn a picture of the Mother City in all her moods, at times gentle and nurturing and at others wickedly irreverent and moody.

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