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The African Baobab

The African Baobab

The African Baobab inspires wonder, awe and mystery, and has intrigued travellers for hundreds of years.
Watson, Rupert

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Title: The African Baobab
Author: Rupert Watson
Genre: Tree profile, photobook
Publisher: Struik Publishers
Cape Town, South Africa 2007
ISBN 9781770074309 / ISBN 978-1-77007-430-9
Hardcover, dustjacket, 17 x 21 cm, 200 pages, throughout colour photos

About: The African Baobab

The African baobab is surely the botanical symbol of Africa, instantly recognizable from afar and a compelling icon of the African landscape. This age-old ‘upside-down tree’ invariably inspires wonder, awe and mystery, and has intrigued travellers for hundreds of years. In an absorbing, inspired account, author Rupert Watson explores the life and times of this fascinating tree, from its early Madagascan beginnings to its present status on the continent and its future in a changing Africa. He takes a close look at the myriad uses of baobabs over the ages: their hollow centres have served as prisons, toilets, wells and bars, and some specimens have even been used as a refuge in battle or as burial sites. Other relationships between humans and the African baobab are explored too, often illustrated by delightful anecdotes. The curious baobab is shown in its many stages, moods and guises – and sometimes in the most unlikely places. This book cannot fail to inspire. Rupert Watson was born in England, but has lived in Kenya for nearly 30 years, where he practises sometimes as a lawyer and mediator, and always as a naturalist. Rupert has authored two previous books and has written natural history and travel articles for a wide range of publications including New Scientist, London Times, Independent, Geographical Magazine, Africa Geographic and Travel Africa.

Content: The African Baobab

Bu hobab
A tree of Africa
Flower and seed
Life and death
How old? How big?
A forest in itself
A hermit in its shade
The healing tree
The baobab's destiny
Selected bibliography

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