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Zanzibar: The Insider’s Guide

Zanzibar: The Insider’s Guide

The history, the exotic and vibrant nature are what make Zanzibar such an enticing destination. The Insider’s Guide shows where.
Michler, Ian

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Title: Zanzibar. The Insider’s Guide
Author: Ian Michler
Publisher: Struik Publishers
Cape Town, 2007
ISBN 9781770074606 / ISBN 978-1-77007-460-6
Softcover, 21x25 cm, 160 pages, throughout colour photos


Zanzibar, that land of allure. The name alone conjures images of mystery, the aromas of spices and the charm of the humble dhow. Zanzibar also boasts some of East Africa’s most glorious and unspoiled coastlines. It speaks of the romance of lazy languid days spent soaking the sun on palm-lined beaches and taking to warm tropical azure waters to dive and snorkel. But beaches are not all Zanzibar has to offer. The Insider’s Guide takes you on a journey through an archipelago that has one of the most vibrant economies in the region and is home to a thriving arts and cultural scene. The Insider’s Guide also gives you invaluable insight into the life of the Zanzibari people and the Swahili culture. It offers practical details on the various accommodation options and great shops in Stone Town, and wonderful insider tips on where to find the best arts, crafts, festivals and music on your travels.


Author’s Note
Welcome to Zanzibar
‘Karibu’ Zanzibar
Be Enticed
Exotic options
From Slavery to Spices
A history based on trade
Black and white gold
The end of slavery
The sultans
From spices to tourism
Stone Town
Stone Town and Zanzibar town
World Heritage Site
A synthesis of styles
Places of interest
Where to stay
Eating out
Clubs and shopping
Day excursions
Coast to Coast
Getting around
The north
The east
The southeast
The south
The offshore islands
The coral world
Diving with care
The green island
Fundu Lagoon
Pemba Island map
The Life and Soul
Coastal life
A cosmopolitan mix
So to speak – useful phrases
Myth and mystery
The spirit world
Zanzibar Style
Colour and play
Henna painting
Zanzibari furniture
Art for all
Tinga tinga art
Travel Directory
Suggested Reading
Author’s Info

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