In Search of the Pangolin

In Search of the Pangolin is an unique potted travel narrative focused on serious and absurd sides of eco-tourism.
Satyajit, Das; Novakovic, Jade
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Title: Search of the Pangolin
Authors: Satyajit Das; Jade Novakovic
Publisher: New Holland
Cape Town, 2006
ISBN 9781770074552
Softcover, 15x21 cm, 192 pages


A pangolin is an obscure species of scaly anteater. Prehistoric in appearance, it is about the size of a cat with a long tail, and is covered in large yellowish-brown scales. In Search of the Pangolin is a unique potted travel narrative focused on eco-tourism, from the point of view of two eco-tourists, as they search for the beast over a period of 15 years. The book combines wicked humour with passionate and often poignant insights into the natural world and the culture, games and deception of conservation.

The book’s central focus is to provide insights into the world of eco-travel and eco-travellers. Outlining the grand spectacles and magnificence of the natural world that the traveller seeks out, and exploring the promise of eco-travel (furthering conservation and environmental awareness), the book also addresses the shallow reality (eco-travel is in fact another form of consumption and harms the world that it is seeking to preserve).

About the authors:

Jade Novakovic is an organisational Psychologist and consultant in human resources.

Satyajit Das is an ex-banker and consultant in banking and finance with an international reputation. He is the well-regarded global author of a number of key reference works in the area of derivatives and risk management (published by John Wiley). He has travelled extensively to key eco-tourist destinations in East and Southern Africa, South America, Alaska, India and Antarctica.