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Ghosts of South Africa

Ghosts of South Africa

As a kind of ghosts’ directory, it’s fun to read of the places where spooks are apparently residing in South Africa.
Hopkins, Pat

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Book title: Ghosts of South Africa
Author: Pat Hopkins
Publisher: Zebra Press
Cape Town, South Africa 2006
ISBN 9781770073036
Paperback, 15x23 cm, 272 pages


Whether you believe in ghosts or not is immaterial – everyone enjoys a good ghost story. This book explores the ghosts that are a part of our nation’s history: From The Flying Dutchman and Lady Anne Barnard to the Uniondale Hitchhiker and poison-murderer Daisy de Melker. Some are benevolent, others vengeful; some are self-obsessed, others extrovert; some rattle chains, others move objects; some are confused, not realising they are dead, others have a purpose.

Some appear as humans, others as a footstep or a breath of cold air; some we recognise, others are forgotten; and some are friendly, while others scare the bejesus out of us. They can be found at sea, on old battlefields, sitting with you in a restaurant, or in your mind. They are everywhere. Sometimes funny, always highly entertaining, and very often hair-raisingly scary, Ghosts of South Africa will hold the reader enthralled.


The Flying Dutchman
Cape Town
The Castle of Good Hope
Ghost Legends
Port Elizabeth
Durban and Pietermaritzburg
Ghost Towns
Ghosts of the Passes
Ghosts of the Road
The Boer War Sieges
Hospitals and Churches
Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs
Rogue’s Gallery
The Pool by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick
The Drink of the Dead by Frederick C Cornell
Dream by the Blue Gums by Herman Charles Bosman

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