Forestry in Namibia 1850-1990

Forest policy and legislation in Namibia during 1850-1990, as well as deforestation and bush encroachment, is topic of this most interesting book.
Erkkilä, Antti; Siiskonen, Harri
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Book title: Forestry in Namibia 1850-1990
Authors: Antti Erkkild; Harri Siiskonen
Publisher University of Joensuu
Series: Silva Carelica 20
Series editor: Tim Pukkalo
Joensuu, Finland 1992
ISBN 9517080107 / ISBN 951-708-010-7
Hardcover, 18x25 cm, 244 pages, many bw- and colour photos and sketches

About: Forestry in Namibia 1850-1990

This pioneering work by two Finnish experts in history and forestry offers an extraordinary approach to development studies. While being the first comprehensive study on Namibian forestry, this book is one of the few, possibly the only, study with this kind of interdisciplinary approach. Forest policy and legislation in Namibia, as well as deforestation and bush encroachment, among other environmental issues, are explored here in detail. Handwritten documents dating from the German colonial period are discussed here in print for the first time. Together with the analysis of satellite images and reviews of later forestry literature, they form a compact package of information on forestry in Namibia.

For scientists, donor agencies and development workers Forestry in Namibia 1850-1990 is an indispensable publication. It is also suitable for beginners and for more advanced students as a textbook or reference on Namibia. Part 1 gives basic information about geography, climate, soils, vegetation, people, economy and government. Part 2 concentrates in more detail on Owambo, Kavango and Caprivi. Part 3 analyses the forest policy, forest legislation and forestry activities in Namibia from 1850-1990.